The growth of Digital Marketing Industry in India 2018

The digital marketing industry is seeing an exponential rise in India. It is evident both from statistical figures and otherwise. With e-commerce businesses expanding, it is but natural that the digital marketing industry is also growing. Today, you will find companies offering digital marketing services everywhere – it’s easy to find a digital marketing company in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and in fact in every nook and corner of the country.

Digital Marketing Has a Huge Potential

India is a hugely populated country and studies show that an average Indian spends 4.4 hours in a day on the internet while using their laptops. The smartphone penetration in the country is also on the rise and using their smart devices they spend nearly 3.1 hours on an average on the internet. Given that a day has only 24 hours, it’s a huge percentage of time that is spent on the internet.

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Source: TheFreePressJournal